Package management

Command Description
npm i Alias for npm install
npm install Install everything in package.json
npm install lodash Install a package
npm install --save-dev lodash Install as devDependency
npm install --save-exact lodash Install with exact

--save is the default as of npm@5. Previously, using npm install without --save doesn’t update package.json.

Install names

Command Description
npm i sax NPM package
npm i sax@latest Specify tag latest
npm i sax@3.0.0 Specify version 3.0.0
npm i sax@">=1 <2.0" Specify version range
npm i @org/sax Scoped NPM package
npm i user/repo GitHub
npm i user/repo#master GitHub
npm i github:user/repo GitHub
npm i gitlab:user/repo GitLab
npm i /path/to/repo Absolute path
npm i ./archive.tgz Tarball
npm i Tarball via HTTP


Command Description
npm update Update production packages
npm update --dev Update dev packages
npm update -g Update global packages
npm update lodash Update a package

Misc features

# Add someone as an owner
# list packages
npm ls
# Adds warning to those that install a package of old versions
npm deprecate PACKAGE@"< 0.2.0" "critical bug fixed in v0.2.0"
# update all packages, or selected packages
npm update [-g] PACKAGE
# Check for outdated packages
npm outdated [PACKAGE]
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